About Us

Who We Are

vast consulting group

Vast Consulting Group was established by experts in the building and construction industry. We have the ability and experience to think outside the square and impose practical solutions and approaches when completing projects. At Vast Consulting Group, we aim to not take the standard methodical approach to any of our projects which makes us different and gain an advantage to most of our competitors.

We are fortunate that our staff and management have vast experience in the practical side of building and construction as well as the consulting and compliance side of projects. By having such unique experience and knowledge, we are able to clearly understand the variables that are involved in building projects and are able to come up with practical solutions to achieve a smooth process on site as well as achieving compliance with all codes and standards. 

Building your dream project can be quite difficult and daunting, especially if it is your first building project. Our clients receive that assurance that they have the perfect team in their corner providing the best advice and support to make your dream come true with minimal hassles.

Our Vision & Mission

Realize Your Dream Building

Our Philosophy

We aim to help you build beautiful, progressive homes and buildings that make you comfortable and making the impossible possible. There is no project too big or too small. We will take on your project whether it is a small patio or a Mixed Use Unit Development.

Our Mission

Communication is the key to our success. We have the tools, expertise and experience to get your building approval across the line. We will also guide and assist you with all aspects of your building project as some aspects of Construction can be extremely overwhelming. Our aim is to make sure that our clients are at ease throughout their building project so they can focus enjoying their masterpiece.