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Group homes provide temporary or permanent accommodation for people with a disability or people that are socially disadvantaged. Vast consulting specialise in providing certifications for all types of new or existing group homes.

There are 3 separate approval pathways for new group homes

  • Development without consent – in a prescribed zone undertaken by a public authority, with up to 10 bedrooms
  • Complying development – the development will have up to 10 bedrooms within one or more group homes on a site and complies with clauses 1.18 and 1.19 of the Codes SEPP and the standards prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Housing SEPP
  • Development application – for all other group home development.

  • The Housing SEPP also includes exempt development provisions for minor alterations to an existing group home.

The Housing SEPP also includes exempt development provisions for minor alterations to an existing group home.

The Housing SEPP permits group homes to be located in the following zones:

  • R1 General Residential
  • R2 Low Density Residential
  • R3 Medium Density Residential
  • R4 High Density Residential
  • B4 Mixed Use
  • SP1 Special Activities
  • SP2 Infrastructure
  • any other zone where dwelling houses or multi dwelling housing are permitted under another environmental planning instrument.

How Does the CDC Pathway for Group Homes Work?

If a proposal for a group home meets all the complying development requirements, an application may be determined within 20 days by a local council or accredited certifier.

The certifying authority is required to notify neighbours of an application for complying development 14 days prior to approval. Where a complying development certificate has been issued, the owner will need to provide neighbour notification 7 days prior to works commencing.

For more information on the planning framework for Group Homes including some frequently asked questions, see the Planning NSW website.

Further information can also be found on the Planning Portal NSW website.

If you need help on certifying a Group Home, the expert team at Vast consulting can help. Please submit your details below and a friendly team member will be in touch with you.