BCA consultancy


BCA Performance offers the highest level of professional building regulation compliance and BCA advice on all types of projects at any stage of design or documentation. A Building Code of Australia (BCA) report is an assessment that is often required by Council as part of their development approval requirements the report will detail areas of non-compliance with the most recent provisions.  Reducing risk is a key consideration for obtaining a BCA report, and it is often requested by councils and the fire brigade when there are questions raised around the safety of the building. Our Grade A1 Accredited Certifiers can assist with the following:-

  • BCA Compliance Reports and Assessments;

  • Preparation of plans for Development Applications (DA) to be submitted to Council for a an approval;

  • Review the DA consent and provide advice and feedback in regards to Council requirements and complying with the DA;

  • Provide Perfomance Solutions in relation to aspects of the BCA :-


  1. Ceiling Heights;

  2. Provision of sanitary facilities;

  • Review documentation and provide practical advice in regards to alternative solutions to the Deemed-to-Satisfy (D-T-S) Provisions of the BCA:-

  1. Reviewing possible avenues for the adoption of an alternative solution which provides a more practical method of complying with the BCA where the D-T-S provisions are not appropriate for the proposed building;

  2. Review areas of non-compliance to the D-T-S provisions of the BCA that may be overcome via the use of an alternative solution;

  3. Work with fire engineers to achieve workable efficient and cost effective performance solutions;