An Occupation Certificate is a type of development certificate issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

An Occupation Certificate is a certificate that authorises:

  • The occupation and use of a whole new building, or a part of a building in accordance with a development consent; or
  • a change of use for a building in accordance with a development consent.

An Occupation Certificate can only be issued by the Principal Certifier (PC) for the development. 

It is illegal to occupy or use any type of new building without an Occupation Certificate.

To enable an Occupation Certificate to be issued, the Principal Certifier must be satisfied that:

  • All mandatory critical stage inspections have been satisfactorily carried out,
  • The building work must be consistent with the Development Consent or CDC,
  • Any required “prior to the issue of an Occupation Certificate” conditions have been satisfied,
  • BASIX commitments have been completed,
  • All relevant installation/compliance certificates have been provided,
  • The building is suitable for occupation or use, in terms of the Building Code of Australia

Please note that all Complying Development applications are required to be submitted to us through the NSW Planning Portal.

The issuing of an Occupation Certificate may be jeopardised if any critical stage inspection has been missed.