What Is A Building Certifier?

In Australia, a building certifier is a public official and independent regulators of development. They are required to uphold the public interest, and do not work for builders or developers.

Their primary role is to assess and verify that buildings meet the necessary legal and safety requirements during various stages of construction and development.

Building certifiers will ensure all legislative requirements are met before they issue a development certificate.

More information about what certifiers do are available on the NSW Fair Trading website here.

Vast consulting has an unrestricted building surveyors licence which means we can take on any project from:

  • Residential knock down or rebuilds
  • Home additions/extensions
  • Dual occupancy/townhouses or multi dwelling housing
  • Granny Flats
  • Apartments
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Retail fitouts or office fitouts
  • Gyms including Sports and recreation venues
  • And many more

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Here are some key responsibilities and functions of a building certifier:

Plan Review: Building certifiers often review construction plans and documents submitted by architects, engineers, and builders to ensure they meet local building codes and regulations. They check for compliance with zoning laws, structural integrity, fire safety, accessibility, and other relevant codes.

Inspections: They conduct on-site inspections at different phases of construction, including foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, and final inspections. These inspections help verify that the work is being carried out as per the approved plans and meets all safety standards.

Code Compliance: Building certifiers ensure that the construction project adheres to all applicable building codes, standards, and regulations. This includes codes related to structural integrity, fire safety, energy efficiency, accessibility, and more.

Permits and Approvals: They review permit applications, issue permits, and grant approvals for construction projects once they are satisfied that all necessary requirements have been met. They may also revoke permits if they find non-compliance during construction.

Documentation: Building certifiers maintain detailed records of inspections, approvals, and any issues or violations they identify during the construction process. This documentation is important for legal and regulatory purposes.

Public Safety: One of their primary responsibilities is to ensure the safety of the public by verifying that buildings are constructed to withstand various environmental factors and that they are safe for occupancy.

Mediation: Building certifiers may also serve as mediators or liaisons between builders and regulatory authorities. They help resolve disputes, clarify code requirements, and provide guidance on compliance.

Vast Consulting Group has an unrestricted building surveyors licence which means we can take on any project. We have a team of qualified surveyors in both NSW and QLD who will partner with you to make sure your project is a success.

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